Table Span Transom

Table Span transom were the cast in-situ heavy structures of the package III of Metro bus system. Reliable has proved by providing comprehensive Project Management for every stage of a project and in any situation, which yields the greatest possible benefit to owners from our services

It was the largest of size 19m x 15m, 7.5 m cantilever from length side and 6m projected along width side, that were built first time in the history of Pakistan and it’s a milestone to do, in a very short span of time .Main purpose of constructing table span transom was to increase the span length at Qurtaba station of the package III of Metro bus system, In the city of Lahore.

In this structure I-Section girder are used

Table span transom forms were very large and complex, to be cast in a single pour. With our commitments, strong management and hardworking of our owner, engineers and labors made us able, to poured concrete in a single pour. It took 7 days to form this shuttering. Almost 600m3 concrete was poured in just 24 hours by continues supply of concrete through the high capacity pump.

After that platform and other components was prepared after days and night of hard working of our staff.