Mission Statement

Our prime objective in forming Reliable Engineering Services (Private) Limited, was to fulfill the dream of establishing a successful and positive business enterprise. We wanted to respond to a need we perceived for a responsible, well managed construction company, that meets the industry’s challenge for a “CAN DO” controlled Business Enterprise.

Our strength is in our management skills and our commitment to a long term legitimate business enterprise. Our overall objective for working is to provide a superior, quality job at a fair price. We are achieving our objective by encouraging the education and promotion of our staff, carefully evaluating all projects to see if they fit within our scope of work and by utilizing and developing our human resources.

Equal Employment Opportunity (E.E.O.) Policy & Affirmative Actions:

Reliable Engineering Services (Private) Limited, declares and reaffirms to its employees and to the public that it is firmly committed to a policy of affirmative action which assures that it will not discriminate against an applicant or employee in any employment practice because of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, age, ancestry, or handicap and that it will take action to correct under representation and underutilization for ethnic minority groups and women at all levels or responsibility.

Reliable Engineering Services (Private) Limited, recognizes a moral and legal responsibility to further the assimilation of women and ethnic minority groups into the firm at all levels. The top management of Reliable Engineering Services (Private) Limited, intends, by its action, to set an example for everyone, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, age, ancestry, or handicap.

Reliable Engineering Services (Private) Limited, will not discriminate against employee or applicant for employment in regard to any position for which the employee or applicant for employment is qualified.

Reliable Engineering Services (Private) Limited describes its goals as;

  • To be an entrepreneurially driven company
  • To be globally preferred business partner
  • To be a responsible concern
  • To develop matchless human resource
  • To develop professionalism in work
  • Strive for continuous improvement of services
  • Provide benefit to clients and improve their efficiency
  • Conduct business in a socially respectable manner with due regard for laws and customs
  • Conduct operation with proper regard for the environment, health and safety of all workers and the public at large